What kind of valves does Everlasting manufacture?

Everlasting Valve Company manufactures four different types of valves for a range of applications. The Process Valve is an ANSI Class rated valve for handling dry abrasives and slurries to 1500oF and up to 10,000 psi. The Bulk Material Valve (BMV) is designed to handle dry abrasives to temperatures of 550oF. We also manufacture a diverging/converging valve for handling dry abrasives and slurries. Our Boiler Valves meet ASME/ANSI Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code for blow-off service and are the valves upon which Everlasting began.

How do I get a quotation for a valve?

For quotations on Process Valves, Bulk Material Valves or Diverting/Converging Valves, please complete a Request for Quotation form and email it to info@everlastingvalveusa.com. For quotations on Boiler Valves, please email our office at info@everlastingvalveusa.com or call (908) 769-0700 for price and availability.

How long does it take to receive a quotation?

This will depend on the valve type and size. Boiler Valves can be quoted immediately by phone or on the same day by email. Most quotations for Process Valves, Bulk Material Valves and Diverting/Converging Valves will be quoted in 1–2 business days. For larger sizes and valves with more complex process requirements, quotations may take a few days longer.

I do not see a valve in your range that meets my needs. Do you design and manufacture special valves?

Our Process Valves are a fabricated design which means we can mix and match materials and components to manufacture a valve that will meet your needs. Please complete the Request for Quote form and we will be happy to discuss development of a valve design that meets your unique requirements.

Where are Everlasting Valves manufactured?

Everlasting valves are manufactured, tested and shipped from our facility in South Plainfield, New Jersey. We are proud to say “Made in the USA!”

How do I place an order for Everlasting valves?

We accept purchase orders by phone, fax, mail or email as follows:

Everlasting Valve Company, Inc.
108 Somogyi Court
South Plainfield, NJ  07080 USA
Phone: (908) 769-0700
Fax: (908) 769-8697
Email: info@EverlastingValveUSA.com

After placing an order, how soon will my valve be shipped?

Subject to credit approval, most Boiler Valves ship from stock within 3–5 business days. Cast iron Bulk Material Valves (BMVs) in sizes 2” through 8” are usually in stock and can be shipped within 3–7 business days, depending on what accessories are ordered with the valve. Process Valves and Diverting/Converging Valves are designed and built based upon a customer’s specifications and process parameters, therefore it is difficult to state shipping times until the Request for Quote form is reviewed.

Does Everlasting Valve take credit cards? How do I pay for my order?

Yes, Everlasting Valve Company does NOW accept credit cards. Subject to credit approval Everlasting will accept purchase orders with net 30-day terms. We will also process orders on a C.O.D., check-in-advance or ACH basis.

Can I buy Everlasting valves from a distributor?

Our Boiler Valves can be purchased from distributors or directly from us. Our specialty line of valves—Process, Bulk Material and Diverting/Converging—are only available directly from our facility in New Jersey.

What certifications does Everlasting Valve Company hold?

Everlasting Valve Company's QMS is certified by DNV GL to ISO9001:2015. The attainment of ISO 9001:2015 reflects our continuous effort to achieve superior product quality and reliability for our current customer base as well as our new client prospects.

Everlasting Valve Company has supplied and will continue to offer valves that carry the CE mark and meet the certification requirements of ATEX, the Machinery Directive and the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), as follows:

  • ATEX—The Everlasting valves themselves fall outside the scope of the ATEX directive because they do not contain an ignition source, however, Everlasting offers accessories, including solenoid valves, switches, positioners, etc. that carry the ATEX certification.
  • Machinery Directive—Valves that are manually operated can be certified to the machinery directive. Valves that are controlled through remote means are generally considered part of the larger machine, thus, in accordance with the Machinery Directive, the requirements of certification are the responsibility of the constructor.
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)—Everlasting maintains a quality system in accordance with ISO9001:2008. To date, Everlasting has supplied many valves certified to Module A of the directive because the Safety Hazard Category was SEP or category I. In the event that a particular application has a Safety Hazard Category of II or higher, we can obtain certification by a notified body through module A1, H, or H1 as required.

Does Everlasting repair valves?

Yes, Everlasting Valve Company evaluates and repairs all valves that we manufacture. We do not repair valves from other manufacturers. Contact our office for instructions on how to return a valve for evaluation and repair.

Can I buy parts from Everlasting and repair the valve myself?

Yes, you can buy original Everlasting parts for your valve from us. When you contact us, be sure to have your valve S.O. number available—this ensures proper identification and enables us supply the correct parts for your valve, as manufactured.