The Original Rotating Disc Valve

Invented by Everlasting Valve more than a century ago, our self-lapping, Rotating Disc Valve remains the toughest, longest lasting, best performing valve on the market today.

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Ours get better by wearing in. Theirs just keep wearing out.

Proven to seal better with wear.

Because other valves open and close in the same place each time, they develop scratches and wear patterns that can weaken the seal and cause costly leaks. Our self-lapping, Rotating Disc Valve is different. As the valve opens and closes, the disc rotates incrementally, uniformly polishing away scratches and creating an ever-tightening seal.

The longest service life.

If you're replacing or repairing an installed valve more than once a year, we have a far better valve for your application.

The self-cleaning, open body allows for particulate to flow freely.

Our Rotating Disc Valves stand up to the toughest applications and most punishing environments, working day and night without a break or getting in a jam.

We build our own valves, so we can custom-build for you.

At Everlasting Valve, we build our own valves from the ground up. From design and engineering to manufacturing of every component, we do it all. Our extensive expertise and comprehensive capabilities enable us to provide you with customized valves that address your specific requirements.

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Four valve types, all engineered for better performance, longevity and value.

Everlasting Valve offers four types of Rotating Disc Valve to address a complete range of rigorous applications and industries. 

Process Valves

Used in dry powders or slurries of erosive media. Suitable for handling abrasive particulate in temperatures up to 1500°F and pressures as high as 10,000 psig, in sizes 1" through 18". 

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Diverter Valves

Can be switched without stopping the conveyor compressor. Used for slurries and dry powders, including: Portland cement, bottom and fly ash, titanium dioxide, tabular alumina, alumina silica, kaolin, Raney nickel catalysts and metal silicon powders.

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Bulk Material Valves

Designed for pressurized (up to 100 psig) and vacuum systems, including dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems, for transporter fill valve, discharge, and vent applications, transfer lines, under baghouses, silos and dust collectors.

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Boiler Blowdown Valves

Our boiler blowdown valves are manual on/off valves that effectively blow down sludge formed in steam boilers. Available in quick opening, slow opening straight and angle configurations.

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Reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Increase production and profit.

In dry materials or wet, high temperatures or low, Everlasting Valves continue to deliver a superior performance in the field, even in the most grueling conditions and long after other valves need to be replaced.

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Everlasting Valve offers the only Rotating Disc Valve in North America.

All of our valves are designed, manufactured and tested in our South Plainfield, New Jersey, U.S. location and shipped to customers throughout the world.